Friday, 31 March 2017

The Final Battle. Pt 2 /01.



On set - Jared, Jen, Lana, Bex, Ginny, Colin, Josh, Giles & Baby Neal

Scene 1 -  The first scene was at a house outside of Steveston. The scene was Snow and Charming walking out the house with baby Neal. Snow and Charming kiss and then Snow gets into the car and drives away. 

Scene 2 - Henry and Emma are talking by the bug. It seemed pretty emotional. Emma kisses Henry on the forehead before getting into the bug and driving away.

Scene 3 - Hook and Emma are sitting in the bug. They talk for a while before Hook puts a siren on top of the bug and they drive away being all adorable.

Scene 4 - The full cast did a rehearsal and a quick filming for the scene which they shot once again the next day due to the torrential rain. (see next blog post)


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