Thursday, 2 February 2017


Steveston filming

On Set - Josh, Ginny, Lana, Beverley, Raphael, Tony, Eric, Robert, Jaime & Giles

1st scene  - Charming is walking in the middle of the road looking lost when 2 cars nearly hit him and start beeping their horns. 

2nd scene - Snow gets some flowers from Maurice and walks past Granny's diner. She then goes to walk around the corner where she bumps into Regina. They speak and then Regina walks off. Whatever Regina said couldn't of been nice because Snow puts the flowers in the rubbish bin. 

These first two scenes I believer are flashbacks from the first season.

3rd Scene - Snow is in a scene with her bow and arrow (we were eating at this point so missed it :') )

4th scene - Rumple and the Black fairy have a conversation about what we think we heard was about Gideon (not 100% certain)

5th scene - Scene with Rumple, Gideon & Black Fairy. We left early so didn't see what happened for this.

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