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Things to do and see before the OUATVancon.


Bonjour everyone and Happy New Year!
Its been a while that is for sure. The filming has been so quiet, so with nothing to report my blog have been pretty dead. However now the con season is coming up I have to decided to do a collection of posts to help everyone out. I will be answering questions about the cons themselves and how to get ready with them, tips on meeting the stars and the basic weekend survival kit. This post is just for people attending the convention in Vancouver. I have supplied a list of locations to visit and places to eat. I hope these are helpful. I have not included addresses to homes because I don't feel comfortable with posting them however I have included a link to which you can find them yourselves.


Visit Steveston


  Steveston Post Office


The Cannery Cafe (Granny's diner)
Tapenade Bistro - Hook and Emma's date
The Buck and Ear - Where Belle was Lacy played Pool
Steveston Candy dish - OUAT themed candy
Steveston Coffee & Co - Henry and Emma's special hot chocolate  
Catch Kitchen and Bar - Once Upon a Lime Martini 

Filming spots to visit

Moncton Street - Where most of the filming takes place
Steveston shipping yards 
Steveston Cannery area 
Gary Point Park - Where Henry's park was
Prickly Pear Garden Centre - Belles dad's flower shop

Downtown Vancouver


The Blarney Stone - Where Emma and Neal have a talk
Brix & Mortar - Where Walsh proposes to Emma
Gotham Steakhouse - Where Emma catches the guy in the Pilot

Places to Visit


Water street & Alexander street - Where Emma chases after Neal
Blood Alley - Where Emma tackles Neal
Bambudda Gastown - Where Neal lives
Cambie Street Alley way - Where Baby Emma and Cleo run from the police
Salmagundi West- Where the Snowqueen tries to find Emma in New York
BLOCK - Where Emma buys her red jacketVancouver Community College - The hospital Robin pays a visit to Mr Gold Victory Square - Where Robin chases after the their on a horse

Third Beach Stanley Park - Where Emma & Elsa find Anna & KristoffJapanese War memorial Stanley Park - "entrance to NY zoo" Emma arrests HookWaterfront Station - First shot in the pilot of Henry walking out the station City Centre Motor Hotel - Where Neal and Emma sneak intoT-rex urban food and coffee bar - Where Emma pretends to be pregnant and steals foodThornton Park  - Emma and Neal meet up in the parkPacific Central station - Where Emma picks up the stolen watchesThe Vancouver Club - The police station where Hook is keptThe Vancouver Art gallery - Where Henry makes a speech & throws coins into the wishing well

Burnaby and Langley

Central Park - They film a lot of episodes here. The pond is most recognizable
Deer Lake Park & Burnaby Art gallery -  Where the fairies live
Fort Langley Community Hall  - Storybrooke Town Hall

North Vancouver

Spur 4 Bridge - Troll Bridge
Spur 7 Beach - Ruby has her cloak stolen by the river
Whytecliff Park beach - Where Pinocchio & Geppetto get washed up, road out of Storybrooke
Brittania Beach Coal Pit - Agrabah Dessert 

Other Locations  

Kerrisdale Elementary - Henry's school
Iona Beach - Where Hook & Cora fight with Emma, Snow, Mulan and Aurora
Cecil Green park house - The Sorcerers house
Spanish Banks beach - Where Killian and Liam get washed up
Riverview hospital - Steveston Hospital


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