Sunday, 23 October 2016

Wish you were here.

Burnaby Park
On set that day.
Hook, Emma, Regina, Mr Gold, Belle & the dwarfs
What we saw being filmed
Scene 1 - We know it was Regina and the dwarfs however we did not see what happened due to them being on a pathway that was closed off
Scene 2 - This was split into 2 halves. The first was with Regina and the second with the Evil queen. We see Regina, Emma and Hook walking towards the graveyard. We know they are talking to each other but could not hear what about. We then hear Regina shouting at someone which we would then guess would be the evil queen. They run towards to crypt in the graveyard and the evil queen is there. Emma is then in front of them all confronting the evil queen. She is holding a sword. The EQ must say something to Emma to make her mad because she then pushes forward with her sword towards EQ. Hook shouts Emma no. The EQ poofs away because of course she can't be so easily hurt and then the scene ends.
(I wasn't there for the second half of the filming so I do not know if anything else was added to the end of that scene)
Scene 3 - Rumbelle scene by the pond.. I was not there for this either due to it being after 1am and was super tired :')

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