Wednesday, 21 September 2016


Steveston filming

(last photo the awesome Lexi took)
What we saw being filmed

Scene 1 - At the docks we saw Emma, Hook. Henry, Regina, Snow, Charming watching behind Blue as she casts a spell. Charming and Snow then do one of their cute speeches while holding hands. SO CUTE!

Scene 2 - The second scene was at the diner. We didn't see much of what happened but we know that it was all the same cast except Blue.

Scene 3 - A short scene was filmed by the coffee shop with Regina but we were blocked off from seeing it being filmed

Scene 4 - Snow and Charming are walking down the street talking to each other. It looks like Snow is carrying on walking when Charming stops her and continues to talk.

Scene 5 - Zelena is by the clock tower holding a piece of paper. She looks at it before walking away.

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