Saturday, 13 August 2016

The other shoe.

Central Park

 What we saw.

I know through out the day there were 3 scenes filmed. The first 2 scenes of the day none of the fans could really see what was happening. We know that Lana, Josh, Ginny, Anders and Hank were all filming in either the first or second scene.

Scene 3
(credit to Casey at  @bcfilmbuff,for letting me use her photos from the evening. I forgot to take my camera!)
We saw a couple walking outside a castle like building. They are talking when a lady who we now know is the step mother comes behind them and hits the guy (he is a foot man) on the back of the head. He drops to the ground. The girl (who we believe is the step sister) cries for her to stop. They talk for a short amount of time until she goes to strike him again with her cane. Cinderella then runs up to them. She screams for her to stop and they talk. The step mother then drags the sister away from the guys body and pushes her into the building. The step mother then says something about foot man having to find someone in his own level. Cinderella then  crouches down to the foot man and tries to wake him up.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing! OMG can't wait to watch more of Cinderella's story :)