Tuesday, 21 June 2016

My Cosplays.

Becoming Emma Swan

So one of my most requested posts for this blog is about cosplays. I always get asked how I create these looks so I decided to write a little about each costume and the process that I did to complete the full look.

Emma Swan's red ballgown.

So this was the hardest cosplay to create. I couldn't find a long sleeve, deep red ballgown online at all. I knew in the end I was going to have to make it from scratch or at least dramatically change a gown. I ended up purchasing a vintage wedding dress of ebay then dying it red. From there I took off the sleeves because they were super puffy and recreated them to look normal. I then cut off the super long train at the back of the dress and hemmed to a length that suited me best. The final touches included adding lace to the top half of the bodice and putting a corset in the back rather than a zip.

Emma Swan Pirate Adventure Outfit. 

This was a super last minute cosplay I created for the fairy tales convention. I had begun this cosplay the day that the season 4 finale had aired. I ordered this blue leather trench coat of ebay then chopped off the arms and cut down the length of the coat. The left over leather was darker on the inside so I used it to create detailing and lining on the vest. I then distressed the leather to make it look more lived in and less shiny. After creating the vest I picked up the blouse, belt and boots from a thrift store and I already owned the leggings.


 Emma Swan Camelot Ballgown

This was just a super simple cosplay due to me already owning this vintage wedding gown. I then had a wide lace shrug to add sleeves and the flower crown I owned thanks to Alice!

 Dark Swan

The dark swan look just consists of leather, leather and more leather. Then dry shampooing your hair to make it look more white.

In the comments down below tell me what cosplays you have created and if you would like to see me make any others!

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