Sunday, 5 June 2016

Eduardo Castro costume genius.

Eduardo Castro talk & exhibition

So back in March I was extremely lucky in getting tickets to Eduardo doing a talk about costume design. Eduardo if you didn't know is the costume designer for Once Upon A Time. His costumes are to die for so when he brought a few of them along to the talk I fangirled like crazy. The costumes are so incredibly detailed and spectacular that even the photographs below don't do them justice. I was even more lucky with actually being able to talk to him about working on the show and asking him a couple of questions. I first asked him about Emma's red ballgown in which he replied that Jen hated wearing the ballgown due to it being uncomfortable. He also said that the colour choice was Jens. He spoke to me about Maleficent's dress & I asked him about the distressing of leather. Such a surreal and awesome meet.

Once meeting some of the guests Eduardo then did a talk in which he spoke about how he got into costume design and went through the different stages that got him to where he is today. It was so interesting to hear who he had worked with and how he got through the difficulties of working in Film and TV. 

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