Monday, 2 May 2016

Getting the Emma Look.

Cosplay for under $10

So from this weeks episode of Once Upon A Time we see young Emma in flashbacks. Now of course we saw this being filmed way back at the beginning of this year so I was aware of her new look. I had the Once Upon A Time convention coming up so decided to try and recreate the look on a budget. I began with the glasses which were from dollarama. They did have prescription glass in them so I just popped them out and wore the frames. Next was the jacket which I managed to score from Value village for a cheeky $5 along with my cardigan which was $4. I then had the lovely struggle of finding a burgundy dress because who knew it could be so difficult in Vancouver? haha. After giving up I turned to my friends for help. My lovely friend Hayley supplied this awesome dress & boots & the beanie was from Alice. I already had the necklace and tights so my whole look was complete. Though it was a super quick cosplay and not the best one I have done I was pretty proud and happy with the outcome. I wrote this post just to show you how you can cosplay characters on a budget.

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