Friday, 13 May 2016

Episode 5x22 Only You / 5x23 An Untold Story part 2.

Only You /An Untold Story

What we saw.

.We saw Regina & Emma arrive in New York. They arrive in a yellow cab outside a building which I can only presume is the apartment we see them in during the preview clip (Neals apartment maybe?).
 .We saw on two different days Rumple out in New York. One day we saw him driving his car and the other walking down the street with a brief case.
.We saw Violet and Henry walking down the street eating pizza however I didn't manage to get photographs during this scene.
.We saw Henry giving a speech on the top of the steps. He then runs down the steps to Emma, Regina and Violet where he speaks to them as a group. He then hands them all what looks to be coins. They then throw the coins into a water feature (which looks to be a wishing well). Other people gather around them and also throw coins. We then saw everyone look up to the sky which I can only guess some sort of magic is happening.Hook, Charming, Snow, Zelena and a guy who I believe is Jekyll (I believe they are doing Jekyll & Hyde) then appear on the fountain to which everyone embrace and are overjoyed. 
.In Steveston we saw Regina, Henry & who I believe is Hyde talking then the guy hands over something to Regina. I did not see what it was but some on set said it was a key?
.We saw everyone arrive back in Storybrooke via Rumples car & Emma's bug. 
.The final scene of the day was Emma and Hook walking towards Granny's. They stop at the archway and talk for a little while before kissing. IT WAS ADORABLE. 

Enjoy the season finale!

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